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Victoria Principal

Filmografie (filmography)

Imaginea vieţii tale, La Imagen de tu vida, Image of your life
ep. 1.3: ...
Tvist - Pamela Barnes Ewing
ep.: ...; difuzat pe 22 septembrie, aired on September 22nd, 2005
Reuniune DALLAS: īntoarcerea la Southfork
DALLAS reunion: the return to Southfork - ea, her, Pamela Barnes Ewing
După DALLAS, After DALLAS - ea, her, Pamela Barnes Ewing
1) După ce au fost faimoşi, After they were famous - ea, her
ep.: I) DALLAS
      II) Deturnarea, The abduction
Titanii, Titans (13 ep.) - Gwen Williams
Filmānd DALLAS-ul, Doing DALLAS - Pamela Barnes Ewing
E!  Poveste adevărată hollywoodiană, E!  True Hollywood story - ea, her
ep.: ...
Providenţa, Providence - Donna Tupperman
- ep.: I) Fă lucrul corect, Do the right thing
         II) Rivalitate frăţească, Sibling rivaly
         III) Apartamentul, The apartment
Drumul către Insula Rhode, Road to Rhode Island - voce, voice
ep.: ...; doctoriţa Amanda Rebecca, dr.
Avocatura, The practice - Courtney Hansen
ep.: ...
Jack şi Jill, Jack and Jill - doctoriţa, Cecilia Barrett, dr.
ep.: I) Ce fac, nunţile, oamenilor; What weddings do to people (2001)
      II) Adevărul oribil, The awful truth (1999)
     III) Acestea sunt zilele, These are the days (1999)
Tipul de casă, Padre de familia, Family Guy - ...
ep.: 2
Bubuitura, Da boom - Pamela Barnes Ewing
ep.: ...
Īmpuşcă-mă şi-atāt!, Just shoot me! - Roberta
ep.: I) Iubirea pluteşte īn aer, Love is in the air
Tracey preia..., Tracey takes on... - ea, her
ep.: I) Erotica
Chicago speranţa, Chicago hope - ea, her
ep. 8; sezon, season, 5: Obrazul celălalt, The other cheek
                               difuzat pe 18 noiembrie, aired on November 18th, 1998
Portret intim, Intimate portrait: Victoria Principal
Michael Kael contra, compania The World News
                           Michael Kael vs. The Worl News Company - Leila Parker
Michael Kael īn Katango, Michael Kael in Katano
A 40-a aniversare a Tv Guide, Tv Guide 40th Anniversary - ea, her
Iubire īn alt oraş, Love in another town -Maggie Sorrell
VH1: Īn culisele muzicii, VH1: Behind the music - ea, her
ep.: Andy Gibb
Rosie O'Donnell, The Rosie O'Donnell - ea
ep.: I) difuzat pe 15 octombrie, aired on September 15th, 1997
     II) difuzat pe 2 iulie, aired on July 2nd, 1996
Deturnarea, The abduction - Kate Finley
Dansānd īn īntuneric, Dancing in the dark - Anna Forbes
Spectacolul lui Larry Sanders, The Larry Sanders show - ea, her
ep.: Beverly şi serviciu profesionist, Beverly and the prop job
Beyond obsession SAU A daughter's secret (rol: Eleanor DiCarlo)
1994 Home improvement (rol: Les Thompson)
episod: 1) Swing time
1994 Hollywood women (invitata)
1993 River of rage: The taking of Maggie Keene SAU Murder on the Rio Grande (rol: Maggie Keene)
1992 Midnight's child (producatoare executiva)
1992 Seduction: Three tales from the 'Inner Sanctum' (rol: Patty/Sylvia)
1992 The burden of proof (rol: Margy Allison)
1991 Don't touch my daughter SAU Nightmer (rol: Linda ..., producatoare executiva)
1991 Nightmare
1990 Sparks: The price of passion (rol: Patricia Sparks, producatoare executiva)
1989 Blind Witness (rol: Maggie Kemlich, co-producatoare executiva)
1989 Naked lie (rol: Joanne Dawson, producatoare executiva)
1988 Memories: then and now (gazda)
1987 Mistress (rol: Rae Colton)
1986 The twelfth annual People's Choice awards (prezentatoare)
1982 An evening at the Improv
episod: ...
1982 Fridays (invitata)
episod: 1) nr. 3.17
1982 Night of 100 stars (invitata)
episod: 1) nr. 6.1 The Barbara Walters special
1982 Not just another affair SAU Perfect Affair (rol: doctorita Diana Dawson)
1981 Sixty years of seduction (prezentatoare)
1981 Women who rate a 10 (invitata)
1980 Omnibus (invitata)
episod: 1) difuzat pe 15 iunie 1980
1980 Pleasure palace (rol: Patti Flynn)
1980 The Mike Douglas show (invitata)
episod: 1) difuzat pe 7 februarie 1980
1979 Hawaii five-O SAU McGarrett (rol: Dolores)
episod: 1) The year of the Horse, partea 2
1979 Battle of the network stars VI (invitata) CBS
1978 Battle of the network stars IV (invitata)
1978-79 Greatest heroes of the Bible: The story of Esther (rol: regina Ester)
1977 Fantasy island (rol: Michelle)
1977 The night they took Miss Beautiful (rol: Reba Bar Lev)
1975-76 I will, I will... for now (rol: Jackie Martin) 20th Century Fox
1976 Vigilante force (rol: Linda Christopher) United Artists Films
1975 Last hours before morning (rol: Yolanda Marquez)
1974 Banacek (rol: Brooke Collins)
episod: 1) Fly me - if you can find me
1974 Earthquake (rol: Rosa Amici) Universal Picture
1973 Love, american style (rol: ...)
episoade: 1) Love and the mr. and mrs.
 2) Love and the perfect setup
1973 Love story (rol: Karen)
episod: 1) When the girls came out to play
1973 The tonight show starring Johnny Carson (invitata)
episoade: 1) difuzat pe 5 octombrie 1973
 2) difuzat pe 17 august 1973
 3) difuzat pe 9 august 1973
1973 The naked ape (rol: Cathy) Universal Picture
1972 The life and times of judge Roy Bean (rol: Maria Elena) National General Pictures
1970 Airport (rol: ...)

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